Online Brand Protection - Where to start?

June 13, 2022

Brand Protection is a set of action taken by a lawful holder in order to prevent counterfeiters from infringing their brand illegally by using their intellectual property, brand name or identity, or violate their copyrights, patents, designs or trademarks

Whether you’re in fashion, electrical equipment, perfumes & cosmetics or jewelry business there is a high chance your brand is impacted by brand infringement.

Ignoring these threats will lead to loss of revenue and more importantly destroying of brand equity, reputation and trust

For large organizations, an effective brand protection strategies require alot of effort and budget. Pre-requisite measures for effective brand protection are registration and management of intellectual property. But the question is, what measures can you undertake once your brand is actually attacked?

Counterfeit detection

Detection of brand infringement is usually the first and most important step in terms of brand protection.

Having in mind that we are living in the world of the internet, being overwhelmed with information from all sides, this task is almost impossible to accomplish by manual work.

Large companies would need a whole team of data analysts just monitoring all marketplaces and social media looking for counterfeited products.

Counterfeit removal

Once your brand protection team has detected a fake product or other infringement of your IP they would need to ask a certain resale platform, retailer or social media support to remove the products/accounts. Where they take it from there is up to their strategy and budget for legal actions.

Usually, most of the brands are satisfied with just stopping the illegal actions that are taken against their brand.

What can businesses do in order to automate their brand protection efforts?

There are brand protection software available that can help you in your brand protection efforts. One of them is Checker that we developed in order to make IP protection easier.

Checker automates a whole workload of monitoring social media and marketplaces and detects brand infringements all around internet. Once our software detects counterfeited products or other IP breach, we inform your team and enable them to easily remove it from any internet platform.

If you need help with your brand protection efforts, schedule a free consultation with us and we will be happy to help!